Josh + Samantha :: Saginaw, MI Wedding Photographer

They say that rain on your wedding day is lucky! If that’s true, these two have all the luck in the world… but with they way they love, I don’t think they will need it!

Josh and Samantha are the kind of people that they make really touching Super Bowl commercials about. The kind of love they have is rare and beautiful. One of our favorite parts of photographing couples is that we are blessed with seeing just a small piece of the kind of love they share! And let me tell you, these two melted us! Their vows and first dance were enough to make any tough old farmer shed a few tears and the details that Samantha poured so much heart into turned out absolutely perfect. And they drove away in a tractor. It was a perfect day, rain and all:) 2017-03-16_00152017-03-16_00162017-03-16_00172017-03-16_00182017-03-16_00192017-03-16_00202017-03-16_00212017-03-16_00222017-03-16_00232017-03-16_00242017-03-16_00252017-03-16_00262017-03-16_00272017-03-16_00282017-03-16_00292017-03-16_00302017-03-16_00312017-03-16_00322017-03-16_00332017-03-16_00342017-03-16_00352017-03-16_00362017-03-16_00372017-03-16_0038

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