We are big fans of Joy

Authentic smiles and laughter are candy to us.

Natural reactions and real smiles are our specialty. You don’t have to love cameras, you just have to love each other! We take care of the rest! We look for moments of pure joy. Like when you finally get to see each other on the wedding day, or when grandma is cracking up with you at the reception. The moments that make tears well up because of the real and raw emotion.


We aren't very posy-posy. We prefer to have you both interact and be goofy, crack little jokes together, stare awkwardly at each other until you both burst into laughter. We love the photos when you forget about the camera.


One major aspect of a photographer's style is the post processing of the images. You may have heard the terms light and airy, or dark and moody. Those are popular trends nowadays. We are neither. Our processing is clean, classic, and vibrant. Real to life colors, as it looked in the moment. We think those images will stand the test of time.

Brian & Stacey x

Michigan Wedding Photo & Video

Welcome to Brian and Stacey Weddings, a husband and wife photo & video team specializing in weddings. Based in Saginaw, Michigan and available for travel worldwide.


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